Gods of Reality

A hand-written sheaf of some 600 pages, contained in a brown leather folio. The first page reveals its title and author, Dr. Robert Huston, of Chicago, IL, USA.

Madness is the mark of gods, the response to the whisper of ancient secrets, and the unseen hand that turns the world in its disordered course. With it, I have peered beyond mere dream and pattern, beyond childhood impetuosity and adult grief, beyond the analysis of which other men are capable. Accepting madness, I accept the gods and rule well with their gifts thereby….

… In self-defense, humans teach themselves not to see evidence of their own cosmic insignificance, but some truths seep into the subconscious through what we understand as dreams …

… and on that day, when my compatriots and I speak the sacred words … from M. on her mountain to P. on his island to me here in this cavernous labyrinth … the skies will roll open and the Outer Gods shall return. And we will go with glory into their presence. It will take three to be certain, and two can make do, but only one need suffice. It only remains to power the silent watchers with the necessary life force. ...

  • Author: Dr. Robert Huston
  • Language: English
  • Year: 1925
  • Arcane Lore: +0

Gods of Reality

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