Brian Morgan

The first victim


Male, Age: 25, Height: 5’7”, Weight: 143

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d4, Strength d10, Vigor d6

Skills: Driving d4, Fighting d8, Gambling d4, Guts d6, Notice d8, Repair d6, Streetwise d4

Charisma: 0, Pace: 6, Parry: 6, Toughness: 5, Sanity: 4, Corruption: 0

Hindrances: Bad Luck, Greedy, Poverty (Half as much starting money)

Edges: McGyver (No penalty on Trait rolls without proper equipment)

Interests: Mechanical Repair, Gambling, Boxing.

Gear: Brass Knuckles: d10+d4 (Cost: 6, Weight: 1, Considered to be Unarmed Attacker), Switchblade: d10+d4 (Cost: 4, Weight: 1)


Next of Kin: Rowan Morgan

Brian Morgan

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