Realms of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep

Under the Australian Desert

"Give me what you got..."

After plummeting into the dark mine shaft, the group shakes off their wounds and investigates their surroundings. The broken elevator has left them stranded, but part of the shaft wall had collapsed, revealing a long, strangely decorated corridor. They follow it, and discover that they have found an entryway into the City of the Great Race. It seems they aren’t the only inhabitants, as Jeremy Grogan meets them, and tells of what he knows of a man named “Carver”.

The group also discovers that “Carver” has found the same city, and has strung electric lights along some of the corridors. Some men are assigned to maintaining these lights, and the group runs into such a crew, but made short work of them before they could set off an alarm. Our heroes follow that crew’s path back to a research laboratory, where Kakakatak is being held prisoner. In return for setting the creature free, Kakakatak tells him as much as he knows of “Carver, known as Huston”, including a partial map of the city.

The group follows Kakakatak to a hidden library, where Kakakatak gives them one of his race’s Lightning Guns by way of reward, and also delivers much new Mythos knowledge to them.


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