Realms of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep

Off to the Land Down Under

"No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

After spending a few days studying their newly discovered texts, the team boarded a ship bound for Sydney, Australia. Professor Cowles advised them that Arthur MacWhirr’s original diary could be found in Cowles’s home there, so he advised them to speak with his associate, Dr. David Dodge. Dodge was only too pleased to hand over the diary, but seemed to not know much about it or its contents. They then researched some local art houses, and were able to discern an alarming undercurrent of Mythos activity. They also discovered that there had been a handful of disturbing attacks on random citizens, perpetrated by thugs wielding baseball-type bats with nails pounded through them.

The team then boarded another small craft to head to Port Hedland, there to meet Robert Mackenzie, who knew MacWhirr personally. Mackenzie assured the PCs that MacWhirr had died of influenza, but had entrusted him with precise location of his find: 22°3’14” South by 125°0’39”. Mackenzie also arranged for transportation and supplies to this site through a man named Donnelly, who would meet the group in a town named Cuncudgerie, south of Port Hedland.

In Port Hedland, the group was just getting ready to settle in for the night, when the bar door flew open, and an old swagman with a shock of red hair, burst in, claiming to have seen a ghost. After calming him down, he revealed that his name was “Ginger” Muldoon. He had been out “hunting” (more likely poaching, from the sound of it) out near a rock outcropping called Dingo Falls, when his campsite was visited by a horrible apparition: a man wreathed in flames and fire. The entity reached for him, but Muldoon fled, and didn’t stop until reaching the pub that night.

Other patrons at the bar mentioned that a swagman had gone missing within the past year, a traveler named Bill Buckley. It was thought that Buckley had run afoul of the Slattery Clan, but no one could confirm this.

Investigators being investigators, they gathered up their gear and went forth. In the growing twilight, they could see a strange figure at the base of the rock, urging them forward. As they moved closed, they could see what looked like another swagman, but before they could see his features, he moved into the shadows of the rock and disappeared. Coming after him, they then saw three cave mouths, some 20’ over the ground, with the mysterious swagman gesturing them forward. Rowan took the end of some rope, and free climbed up to the cave’s mouth. As she began to affix the rope, she heard an unearthly sound from somewhere in the darkness: a man’s voice quietly singing Waltzing Matilda.

The rest of the group scrambled up the rock face, and went deeper into the cave. They uncovered the now-bare skeleton of what looked like a swagman, but noticed that he was missing his boots. It was then that Buckley’s spirit made his appearance, and it was clear that the spirit, like the skeleton, was also missing any footwear.

It now remains for the PCs to determine what is to come next.


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