Realms of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep

Facing the Slatterys

"Quick, to the truck! Agghh! Quick, to the mine!"

After discussing how to handle their new knowledge about the fate of Bill Buckley, the heroes decided to go talk to the Slattery family, and at least get their side of the story. They arrived at the decrepit homestead about noon to find that the boys were nowhere to be found. They examined the house, but found nothing more than some sickly sheep, a freshly butchered sheep carcass, and enough grit, grime, and dirt to last them for days. It was then that the Slatterys decided to head home, and, mistaking the investigators for intruders, commenced a firefight.

It wasn’t long before the Slatterys were beaten, and further investigation revealed that Vern Slattery, the father, knew more about Buckley’s death than he was willing to let on. Reid discovered an old cricket bat stashed in the work shed. The shape of the weapon matched the wounds that Buckley showed, and a trace of dried blood revealed that it indeed was the murder weapon. The Slatterys were then turned over to the authorities in order to be brought to justice.

After dealing with the ruffians, the group met with Mackenzie’s man Donnelly, who set them up with a pair of trucks and some other supplies to last them through the desert trip. They then set off for Bundibinni Well, which was the nearest water source to MacWhirr’s dig site. Along the way, they met up with a wandering Koori, who warned them that a new cult was active in the area, headed up by some “white fella”. He also said that they used the symbol of the Sand Bat, and that if they saw a peculiar five-toed footprint, to run the other way.

Upon beginning their journey again, the driver took a wrong turn, and the group found themselves at a mining site nestled among some rock outcroppings. The area looked abandoned, but there were dried out bones and corpses around, as well as an empty explosives shack, a makeshift lean-to with canned food stuffs under it, and several of the forewarned five-toed foot prints…

It wasn’t long before the maker of the prints made it’s appearance. Flying Amorphous Thing The heroes tried to hide, but the creature spotted Maloney, and pinned him into place with its wind attack. The rest of the group tried to make for their trucks, but the creature flattened the cab of one with a swipe of its tentacles, then dashed the other against the rock wall. With no where left to run, the group ran for the mouth of the mine, where the overloaded mine elevator broke free, and plunged the group into darkness.


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