Realms of Cthulhu: Masks of Nyarlathotep

Against the Cult of the Sand Bat

"Ya gotta ask yerself one question... are you right with the Lord?"

Leaving their good buddy Kakakatak behind, the group takes a copy of his map and moves deeper into the lost City.

They find their way to Huston’s headquarters, now convinced that he is the mysterious “Carver” that Grogan and Kakakatak spoke of. They found a wide cavern, housing a makeshift structure holding supplies, cages with human prisoners, and what looked like Huston’s living space. Rowan Morgan was able to get close enough to Huston to have a conversation, which seemed to both delight and impress the old man, while Reid tried to get close enough to eavesdrop.

When Huston rang his bell to summon tea, and the servant clad in cult robes stepped from the shadows, all hell broke loose. The cultist spotted Reid hiding in the shadows, and even though Reid had the drop on him, the cultist went for his boomerang anyway, but missed hitting the hidden detective. Reid shot back, alerting Huston that something was up, and Huston leveled his own lightning gun at Rowen. Carriage had seen enough, and used his lightning gun to cut through the structure’s supports, sending the combatants crashing to the floor.

Huston was apprehended, and revealed several details about his own survival. He blamed the failure of the expedition squarely on Carlyle’s shoulders, saying that Carlyle’s fascination with a woman named M’Weru was at fault. He also claimed that he was a prisoner of the cult, and that they were using his knowledge and expertise to complete their goals. The team wasn’t buying it, and decided to end Huston’s life. However, in doing so, they inadvertently released Huston’s pet Flying Polyp, that tried to kill all the standing characters. A few short lightning bolts later, and the thing ran scurrying back to its hole.

Fitzgerald searched through Huston’s meager possessions, and found a copy of Huston’s memoir Gods of Reality. It mentioned something about a ritual to take place at three locations, and named an “M” on a mountain somewhere, and a “P” on an island, but gave no details. The group suspected that “M” stood for Masters, and that the mountain might be in Kenya, while “P” would mean Penhew, and that he might be in England. Kenya being closer, the team decided to make that their next stop.

However, their work in the underground caverns was far from complete, and they took the fight to the Cult of the Sand Bat directly. Following Kakakatak’s directions, they went to the Purple Dome Temple, and surprised the cult in the middle of one of their horrific sacrifices.

The ritual in action

Maloney, being strong in the Lord, strode forward towards the crowd. “Ya gotta ask yerselves one question,”, he said, ”... are you right with the Lord?” The cultists, being about as far from the Lord as anyone could be, fell upon him with the cult’s signature weapon: long clubs studded with animal teeth. Maloney found that being strong with the Lord didn’t help him much, and fell broken to the ground. Reid tried to using Huston’s lightning gun, but the alien technology failed him on his first try. He then switched to the more reliable technology of Messrs. Smith and Wesson, but to no avail.

Carriage and Fitzgerald laid down covering fire from a set of alcoves by the cavern’s entrance, but not before the cultists awoke the guardian of the temple, an Avatar of Sand Bat himself. The beast strode forward, confident that no force on earth could stop it … and was greeted by most unearthly lighting bolts from Carriage’s weapon. The bolts raked across its skin, sending it reeling against the pillars, before it finally succumbed. Seeing their pet beast destroyed, the surviving cultists fled into the darkness.

The now freed sacrifices introduced themselves as lost prospectors, and offered to take the characters back to civilization .. provided they can find their way out of the darkness…


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